What makes a home stand out to buyers?

Carefully choosing the kind of renovations to undertake within your home can be decisions worth taking some time over—as you don’t want to over-capitalise. Here are my top 5 recommended renovations to get you on your way:

1. Insulate!
The value insulation adds to your home cannot be overstated. Today, this is considered an absolute necessity by many home buyers. In fact, not having insulation can easily create the perception of an unhealthy home. With the EECA Energywise Programme subsidising the cost of insulation, there really is no reason not to. For more information on the subsidy, head to www.energywise.govt.nz/funding-available/insulation-and-clean-heating

2. Add a Deck
If you have the room, adding a deck is one of the simplest ways to increase the value of your property. A deck is one of the best ways to create the much-desired ‘indoor-outdoor flow’ and they’re also great for entertaining. It will make the living and dining space open up and look much more spacious.

3. Refit the Kitchen
This is where most buyers are going to spend the most time, so this renovation is high on the list. There are two options: replace or recover. The state of your current kitchen, budget and end goal will determine which is the right option for you. The key areas are benches, cabinets, drawer fronts, skirting and handles/fittings. Doors, drawers and cabinets are noticed more than most people realise, and new or cleaned handles can make a big difference at little cost. One addition to your kitchen that can really bring a modern feel is splashback glass for a clean, sleek look.

4. Update the Bathroom
As with the kitchen, the aim here is a modern appearance. Updating your bathroom needn’t be expensive or difficult; simply replacing the fixtures like cabinet fronts and faucets, as well as the lighting, can quickly modernise the entire room.

5. Create ‘Kerb Appeal
The greatest house in the world is still going to be hard to sell if you can’t get people in the door. First impressions last, so creating kerb appeal is key to achieving a great sale price. This means making sure any garden or lawn areas are looking great — make sure they’re tidy, add plants to the front of the home or fresh bark in the garden area, and give the fence line and letterbox a fresh coat of paint. Painting the entrance way and/or the entrance door a bold colour can also really make your house stand out.


Shannon Corbett