Harcourts: The Smart Choice.

The difference in fees can mean a difference in the sale price you achieve for the home. Top notch agents can put thousands on the sale price as opposed to an average agent. 

When I first started in real estate many moons ago, I looked around at all the agencies, interviewing many before deciding with Harcourts. You know why? Because they had the best marketing and branding I could see, quality was foremost and the systems are possibly unbeatable in the industry. They are the largest real estate firm in NZ and continue to grow all over the world. Growth like that does not happen to an average agency. 

So, with all those real estate agents and all the fee structures out there (not to mention free T.V's and trips to Fiji) why would you choose one of the worlds fastest growing real estate agency Harcourts? Here's why...

Selling a house is one of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make, so it is vital you are fully informed at every step of the process.After each visit by a potential buyer, your sales consultant will discuss with you how your property was perceived and any price-relevant issues.

In addition to this, each week you will be provided with a written marketing report which will outline in detail the market reaction to your property and any “hot prospects”. This information can also be used to refine marketing.Each week your agent will also organise a face-to-face meeting with you so you can have a frank and open discussion about the campaign, identify any opportunities and build upon the original marketing plan.

Because it is your property, it is solely your decision whether to accept or decline an offer. All offers will be presented to you in writing, so you can take your time making an informed and considered decision. Your sales consultant will be happy to offer you advice, but the decision is yours to make without influence. 

If you decide now is the right time to sell your home or investment property, Harcourts can provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions to ensure the best possible price. 

Know what’s going on in your neighbourhood
When selling your property it’s important to be fully informed about what is going on in the property market. Harcourts compiles monthly statistics which will show you average prices in the different regions throughout New Zealand, as well as how many people are listing their properties for sale and how many are choosing the tender/ auction method of sale. Your sales consultant can also supply you with specific recent sale information from your street and surrounds. This will allow you to get a feel for how much comparable houses are selling for in your suburb.

Once you have decided to sell your property and have chosen to engage a Harcourts sales consultant you will be provided with an in-depth marketing plan specifically tailored for you.Your plan will detail all advertising and other marketing methods such as open homes. Photography and extras – such as if you choose to have your house dressed by a furniture design expert – will also be included. 

You will be supplied with a marketing action plan calendar, which outlines the timetable for all scheduled promotional activities and the regular contact your agent will have with you.Your marketing plan will outline the method of sale you and your sales consultant have agreed upon, whether this be auction, tender, by negotiation or fixed price. 

Prior to deciding upon this, your sales consultant will detail the pros and cons of each method and make a recommendation based on the market, your property and your preference.


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