Hottest paint colour trends for 2016

Colours should inspire you, help you feel at home and reflect who you are.

Use colour blocking and stencilling to combine favourite colours and really show off a space. Stripes once strictly only for wallpaper, are increasingly being painted on in a range of hues and widths for a personalised look. Transform all your surfaces into the artwork, don’t let your creativity stop at the wall.

Ceilings, once pure white, are increasingly at least tinted to neutral hues and increasingly being painted to complement or accent the wall colour.

In bedrooms and living areas, wall colours that extend from the walls onto the ceiling, create a sense of cosiness and a relaxing cocoon of colour. Bold feature colours on ceilings are the next frontier for colour lovers, a new twist on a feature wall.

For many natural surfaces, the look is pared back and minimalised. Rather than covering up the raw beauty, the key is to enhance it. Natural materials tend to show their age very quickly, so the trend is to finish them in clear finishes to protect them into the future so they keep their natural good looks for longer. Think concrete wax on concrete floors and benchtops, clear finishes on timber and water repellents on exterior concrete.

Where walls once used to be just a pretty colour, now they are becoming part of the function of the house, such as write on whiteboard in Resene Write-on Wall Paint painted onto your office meeting room or your kitchen wall for reminders, notes and sharing information or a blackboard wall in Resene Blackboard Paint.

Where once there were rules, guidelines and boundaries, now there is free will, free choice and endless possibilities. The only limit is your imagination!