Get to know your auctioneer...

Selling your house at auction is often the best way to truly test the market, and get the best price for your property. A lot of the power over what price you get can come down to your auctioneer. Here's what you can do to ensure you have a good one!

  • Make sure you are getting the best auctioneers make sure you hire a real estate company with a strong auction culture.
  • Talk to your sales consultant and your auctioneer about how often their company promotes auctions as a method of sale
  • Ask your auctioneer how many auctions they have called, how often they’re calling auctions and how many of those reached reserve.
  • Get an idea of an auctioneer’s performance attend another auction they are calling.
  • At auction an auctioneer should demonstrate a clear knowledge of the property for sale as well as legal proceedings so they are able to easily answer any questions from bidders.
  • They should be fast and accurate in keeping track of bidders – who’s bidding what, and who holds the current bid.

Here's a bio on our auctioneer Kerry Thorstensen at Harcourts Papatoetoe:

Kerry has been a business owner all his life, including 28 years in real estate, with 15 of those as the Principal of Harcourts Papatoetoe. Kerry’s mission is to create and actively nourish an environment of success: success for vendors, success for buyers and success for his team.

Although Kerry has been an auctioneer for 10 years, the thrill of it still drives him. He brings the vendor and buyer together in a transparent, public bidding process where there is mutual security and reassurance for both that the agreed price is the fairest. He painstakingly manages the process with the vendor, setting realistic goals and expectations. For the vendor, Kerry’s goal is to ensure there are no surprises  and if there are any, that they are pleasant.

It is of no surprise that Harcourts Papatoetoe won the Harcourts 2015 Customer Service Award

Shannon CorbettComment