What do 1.26M, $686k and 49 days have in common? Read on to find out...

o, how’s the market?
You know what? It's just fine. It's a bit tougher and properties are taking a little longer, yes; but they are still selling and the market is still very active. We agents are finding the market is balanced and homes are selling at a consistent rate.

The median time frame for a home in Papatoetoe to sell currently sits at 38 days. Last month, 23 homes were sold in Papatoetoe. The maximum sale price was $1.260,000, the minimum sale price was $400,000 and the current median sale price sits at $686,000.

The median time frame for a home to sell in Manukau currently sits at 49 days. The median sale price last month was $849,000 from a total of 260 sales.

Comparing this month's data to the month previous, there's been a slight change to the rate at which homes are selling, but properties are holding their value well.

As mentioned in the previous report, low interest rates, low employment rates and population growth give a stable foundation for values now and in the future.

Source: www.reinz.co.nz