Auckland's 21 suburbs that are on the rise...

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Wellsford came in at number 1 growing 3.4% in the second quarter of 2018 - well ahead of Auckland's next best performing suburb located in Chatswood.

Median values of properties in the town hit $540,700 in the three months to June 30 and at this price point, it also claimed the title of Auckland's most affordable suburb.

South and East Auckland saw a fairly flat quarter in terms of overall value growth, rising 0.10%, though some suburbs in the region saw positive upward movement.

Somerville was the top performer, with growth of 2.20%, followed closely by Northpark, up 2.10%.
Mangere, Mangere East and Totara Heights also featured within the list all rising up by 1.3%.

Manurewa East saw the largest fall, with the median value there dropping 3.0%. Buckland's Beach also dipped (-1.7%) as did Mellons Bay (-1.6%).

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