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How will the new Unitary plan affect your area?

The talk about town at the moment surrounds the new Unitary plan to create a capacity for 422,000 new dwellings in Auckland by 2041.

It proposes creating capacity for 270,000 new dwellings to be built in urban areas, 23,000 in live-zoned land in new urban areas, 14,000 in rural zones and 115,000 in Future Urban zones (unlikely to be available in the next seven years.

Single house zone: One house per section (area reduced by 22%)

Mixed housing suburban zone: Four houses up to two storeys per section without resource consent (area expanded by 5%)

Mixed housing urban zone: Four houses up to three storeys per section without resource consent (area expanded by 48%)

Terrace housing and apartment building zone: Apartments of up to five storeys, and in some cases, six or seven storeys (area expanded by 25%)

Find out here how your area will be affected.

Favourite things in Manukau

If you’d like to get to know Manukau a little better, the following excerpts give a nice overview of just some of the features of the area. I found these on Auckland Council’s websites.

“Manukau is the heart of Auckland’s south, a vibrant cosmopolitan centre that is a unique blend of urban, rural and coastal — which means lots of opportunities for fun, adventure and relaxation.

Get a thrill

Enjoy the exhilarating rides and attractions at New Zealand’s largest theme park. It’s a great family day out, with roller coasters, bumper boats, go karts, 3D motion master, dodgems and much more.

Taste the culture
For a taste of the Pacific, visit Otara Market, New Zealand’s largest street market bursting with life and flavour. Every Saturday, the Pacific Island, Māori and Asian stalls sell everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothing, arts and crafts.

Smell the flowers

Take a stroll through the stunning Auckland Botanic Gardens, home to more than 10,000 plants. Picnic on the grass, enjoy a bite in the café and admire the fantastic sculptures spread through the gardens.”

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“Totara Park

One of south Auckland’s premier parks, Totara Park, stretches over 216 hectares with an award-winning adventure playground at the Wairere Road entrance. There's also a second playground just a short walk from the main picnic area along the main bridle trail.

There's also a swimming pool which is free and supervised to use during the summer months. Awesome mountain bike tracks, for more information, visit the Auckland MTB Club and the Cycleway New Zealand websites.

Totara Park is home to a wide variety of bird habitats and also boasts a tennis court that is available year around, many bush walks and makes a perfect picnic spot.”

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Coundown to Christmas...

It is getting to that time of year again when the market quietens down briefly for the Christmas–New Year holiday season. In my opinion, the last date to auction a home would be the 13th of December. Otherwise, it is just cutting it too fine and you don’t want a home sitting around over the holiday period. I am talking to many people who are opting to take advantage of this time to do some renovations, then bring their home to market in the new year. The market bounces back around mid-January, which is a prime time to list before the rush of other listings come on in February and March.

Pictured below are the happy vendors of one of my November auctions on Wilmay Avenue, Papatoetoe — they were rapt with the sale price they achieved at auction. You can view highlights of this auction on my YouTube channel. We are seeing some really great prices for homes, so the market is still abundant with buyers.

Wilmay Ave, Papatoetoe

The latest property market summary from QV is summed up as follows:

The Auckland market has increased 9.2% from this time last year, 2.5% over the past three months and a massive 35.1% since 2007. Manukau Central values increased 4.1% over the past three months — which is the highest rate seen since earlier in the year. Manukau Central values are up 12.2% year on year and 26.2% since 2007.

By the way, have you received your new rating billing yet? Forrest Hill and Mangere Bridge have increased up to 55%. Papatoetoe is up 35%, Goodwood Heights up 25% and Totara Heights up 23%. The latest valuations won’t be used for rating purposes until July next year, but councillor Cameron Brewer said many of those suburbs that have inflated substantially over the past three years could now expect their rates increase next year to be well above Mayor Len Brown’s proposed average increase of 2.5%