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Find Out What Auckland Council Has Proposed for the Street You're Looking to Buy In or Live In...

Here you will find what the council has proposed or will be doing in your area. This includes road widening; views and notable trees to be protected - which of course can affect how and where you build on a particular site.
As mentioned in a previous post, a PIM (project information memorandum) will give you most of the information on a site so I would recommend obtaining one of those first for those looking at building a new dwelling or sub dividing a section.

I recently sold a house in Derrimore Heights which is on the flight path. Most homes in Papatoetoe and Manukau Heights are on the flight path which most people are aware of however for those new to the area who don't know, it's always a great idea to jump online to view the current district plan. The real estate agent showing you the home should always have that information for you.

Quarry zones or mineral zones are also included in the district plan which may affect the soil so if your planting a vegetable garden for instance, you may think twice before digging in!

For instance, if your a light sleeper you may want to look at the streets that are directly on the flight path. I know when I moved to Papatoetoe and the first plane flew over the house I woke up with a jolt but after a few days sleep took over and now it's just a matter of sometimes having to pause the movie we are watching until the bird fly's past!

So all you do is click the link here and type the street you are in or looking to buy in and it will give you the map number and open up a file of all the information the council has on that street and surrounding streets - easy as that!