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When is the best time to sell your home?

Tradition has it that spring is the best time to sell, so many people think the best time to list their home is when everybody else is doing the same. But many would-be spring sellers leave their run too late, underestimating how much time it takes to get their property ready for sale.

Buyers are not as seasonal as sellers think they are. All through winter, they have become dejected as they notice a distinct lack of listings. And when the property market starts to ramp up again in the first flush of spring, eager buyers are ready and waiting to compete for new listings.


Often a very good time to sell is during September and October, as the stock levels never quite match up to buyer demand. The laggards who get their property to market in November and December may not do so well. By this time, buyers are tired, there is more property to choose from and the balance of supply versus demand levels off.

Suddenly, buyers feel as though there is no urgency and they can take their time for a change.

The best time to sell is often early in the season, yet many would-be vendors dawdle in the lead-up to the warmer months and don't have their home ready until almost Christmas. However, buyers have an appetite for spring property from the start, and it is the early bird that catches the worm.


Tips to minimise stress when selling your home

Tip #1. Decluttering the home

When you move, you’re most likely going to have to get rid of a few things. Take care of this before listing your house to make your life easier when selling. The less “stuff” you have, the less you have to clean and put away before viewings.

Tip #2. Keep Your Home 30-Minutes Away From Being Clean

Showings can happen quickly. You might be at the grocery store on a Tuesday afternoon and get a call from your agent that you have a showing in one hour. If your house is always 10 minutes away from being clean, you can handle showings on short-notice. The cleaner you keep your home, the less stressed out you’ll be with short notice request for viewings.

Tip #3. Leave your home on the Weekends

Weekends—especially the first two weekends your house is on the market—are typically when your house is going to get the most action. Instead of trying to live like you normally would on a weekend, plan a day trip out.

Tip #4. Be flexible

While your home might sell quickly, there’s also the chance it will sit on the market for a few weeks or months. By not being in a rush to sell your home, you’ll automatically lower your stress levels.

Tip #5. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the best ways to manage stress is by adapting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Socialize regularly with friends and family members, get 30 minutes or more of exercise each day, drink more water, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep each night and quit bad habits such as smoking.