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Seasoned property investor warning for property investors...

Olly Newland warns residential property investors not to be too reliant on capital gains as the current residential property market had the same smell about it as previous booms, before they turned into busts

That could see thousands of properties coming on to the market at the same time, with a shrinking pool of buyers.

Recent REINZ sales statistics showed that investors were buying 80% of the properties sold in South Auckland and 41% of sales across the whole of Auckland.

He says many investors he consults, have paid so much for their properties that they were having to keep shovelling money into them to keep them afloat, because the rental income wasn't sufficient to cover the outgoing like rates, insurance and maintenance.

And when prices stop going up, investors may decide to lock in the capital gains that had already been made and cash up rather than being left with having to collect rents, maintain their properties and deal with changes in tenants, without the benefit of capital gains.


How to maximise your homes appeal for open homes

Open Inspections and Open Homes can be the best way to attract a large number of prospective buyers, so take the opportunity to maximize the selling potential of your home with a number of simple, yet subtle strategies.

Fill your home with light.
Light helps to create a feeling of space and the best way to do this is to open all curtains and blinds. Switch on lights in areas that are darker.

Plan the time of inspection.
The ideal time is when your home captures the most amount of natural light so the aspect of the property should be taken into consideration.

Consider our sense of smell.
The way a home smells makes an immediate impression on buyers. Open windows to allow fresh air to circulate. If you have pets, visitors can be very sensitive to pet odour which is why fresh air is so important.- Replace tired items and furniture. Splash out on new bedspreads for that ‘brand new’ look. If the furnishings are tired, you may wish to hire a few pieces to show your home off to its best advantage.

Provide your consultant with the key to the front door.
The front entrance to your home will always make the best impression.

Hide temptations.
Thefts are uncommon but give yourself peace of mind by discussing any concerns with your sales consultants and taking their advice to increase security.

Make yourself scarce.
Your consultant is experienced in professionally marketing your home for you so leave it to the experts! Prospective buyers are also more willing to negotiate purchase and ask questions without you around.

The right temperature creates comfort.
It’s all about making prospective buyers feel at home. Dependent upon the time of year, heating or cooling your home prior to inspection provides comfort for visitors.

Remove or switch off excess noise.
Barking dogs and loud music detract from focus upon the property. Farm out the dog and turn off your television and radio.

Pay attention to detail.
To achieve that showroom quality, put out fresh towels, tea towels and tablecloths. Fresh flowers add appeal to any home.