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Home phone wizardry - the must have home renovation apps

Here are the 5 apps that will make your life easier if you're thinking of renovating your home before selling.

#1 The Dulux color app allows you to snap, colour and view your space before you buy, as well as colour match with furniture and browse their entire colour range.


#2 I Handy level I-Handy app is a leveller you can put in your pocket and it's free!

#3 Pattern snap app allows you to take a photo of the pattern of wallpaper you like and it will search it's vast range of databases to find it, or it's closest match, as well as informing you where it's located.

#4 Magic plan app allows you to create professional floor plans and work estimates just by taking a photo. It will measure the space and allow you to add objects, annotations and photos so you can see what you will need and what fits.

#5 Freedom furniture app allows you to browse their catalogues and visualise what a product would look like in your house through their 3D virtual showroom.

Tips on how to be a savvy home buyer

TIP 1.

Setting up ‘Saved Searches and Alerts’ on means you’ll receive automatic updates to your inbox when properties that meet your set criteria are listed.

TIP 2.

Saving properties of interest in ‘My Properties’ means you can easily refer back to them later.

TIP 3.

When planning your weekend of viewings, add open home times directly to your smartphone’s calendar via the app. This way you won’t miss out on any viewings, or double-book yourself. You can also use Google Maps to find the shortest distance between all your open home locations.

TIP 4.

Keep your phone charged via a car charger or a power saving app and turn off features such as Bluetooth that drain your battery.

TIP 5.

Keep both visual and written notes to help stay on top of your options. Taking photos and notes while the details are still fresh in your mind is a simple way of staying on track.

TIP 6.

If you’ve got an hour to kill between open homes, check out the properties near you by clicking on "Map" in the app. You might just stumble upon an unexpected opportunity!