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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

The data below is showing seasonality; based on over 15 years of data from the Real Estate Institute.
As you can see, March is the most active month of the year, with January being the least active.

The majority of new property listings tend to flood onto the market in February & March and again in October & November. In fact, 40% of all new listings in a year, come onto the market in these 4 months. The winter season (between the months of June, July and August), has the lowest level at 20% of the annual total of all new listings hitting the market.


It is a common tendency among sellers to list either in the spring or summer, as it is warmer and the gardens and property overall is looking in it's best shape, you have more competition as everyone has the same idea!

However, some sellers decide to list in the winter season as they feel it could give their property greater exposure at a time when fewer listings are out in the market to compete with.

At the end of the day, buyers will buy a home that they feel suits their needs - rain, hail or shine so whatever the season, if your home is well presented, well promoted and well priced you are sure to achieve a sale.

Rates Re-Assessment in Manukau About to Arrive...

The last rates assessment was in 2011 and the next review will be complete from the 10th November 2014.

Since the 2011 rates assessment, the values in Manukau and most Auckland suburbs have increased by an average of 30%. The council does take what the home sold for during that time into account naturally so some may be in for quite a surprise when the new rating valuation comes out.
There are some positives to the rates increase ie when you do sell your home, the purchases will feel more comfortable paying more if the RV is closer to the price expectations or list price. The downfall is of course, is you guessed it - extra cost.

So in the past year or so, we have had a mortgage hike; rates hike and the LVR... and yet in Manukau, properties continue to sell well and prices are holding well.

Latest Sales Statistics for Manukau

Hot off the press, the latest data from QV reports that the Auckland market has increased 11.7% from this time last year and a 31.8% increase from 2007. Manukau has had a 13.8% increase when compared with selling prices of this time last year. This is normal for this time of year, as soon as Spring sets in I am confident you will see more properties listed and people at the open homes.

There have been reports that “Some properties are sitting around for several weeks with no offers, or below expectation offers which could be due to a ‘disconnect’ between buyer and seller expectations especially where the property requires some form of maintenance or upgrading.”

Contributing factors to this could be the requirement of a 20% deposit; the four successive interest rate increases or the season.


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